Ranrich Beach Resort, Where Nature is Rich!

Everyone always wanted to have a summer vacation. Waiting for summer in a year for them to travel, have free time, family bonding, outings, swimming, reunions and other. Summer is also a best time or day/s to unwind from 10 months studying, little free time for vacation leave at work, from those stress and problems.  And like them, I am also wanting to experience at least something on my summer this year. It’s so natural to me if we say “summer”, I just usually on house watching tv, preparing for breakfast, lunch and dinner, helping cleaning the house, and other usual routine in a normal on the house, in short “STAYCATION” (stay in the house & its your kind vacation). But then, I’m glad that my cousins from province go here for their vacation and since we meet or saw each other not so often, my tita decided to let us join their swimming at Cavite (Ternate).



Cavite is the historical capital of the Philippines and the closest province south of Manila. With its balanced mix of urbanity, natural beauty and history it is considered as the most accessible vacation getaway and refuge for those seeking a quiet life far from the bustling Manila metropolis. Ternate (Filipino: Bayan ng Ternate; Chavacano: Municipalidad de Ternate) is a fourth-class municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 23,157 people.

And Ranrich Beach Resort is one of the resorts that located at Ternate, Cavite.It is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bumanlag. Its name came from their sons’ names, Randolph and Richard. The construction of the resort started in year 2012. And through hard works, its full operation took place on January 2015. In a short period of operation, the resort was able to accommodate a number of different groups from different places.

Having a 1.2 hectare vicinity, the resort has managed to handle different activities all at the same time. It has become a big use to various organizations conducting seminars, planning sessions, team building, leadership trainings, etc. RanRich is also a good place for family gathering, company outing, reunions and lots more.

Currently, RanRich is still continuing its development in beautifying the place for a better service to offer.


From Las Pinas (it’s the place where my tita’s boyfriend live), we decided to leave the house for around 7pm. We rode on a jeepney and others brought their motorcycles. And eventhough, it’s around 7pm traffic is everywhere that’s why we arrived at the resort around 9:30pm (almost 2 hours).



Take a pic!



This one welcomes you when you arrive at the resort


Take note: Ranrich Beach Resort offers 24 hours stay on their place in affordable price.

Day Tour (6am-6pm)               Night Tour (6pm-6am)                   24 Hours

Adult: Php 100.00                      Adult: Php 120                                    Adult: Php 150

Kid: Php 50.00                            Kid: Php 70                                          Kid: Php 100


And like us, we afford to enjoy 24 hours on the resort. Also, those kids that i think below 3 ft or 2 ft, is considered FREE from entrance.

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And for the place where you can stay, this are the cottages they offered (with prices). So they decided to rent for 1 beach cottage. Sadly, the beach area dont’t have enough lights so that it can be available to swim at night 😦



Pool Area




They also have 3 swimming pools. It is not totally for kids but the 2 pools (circle size), about 4 ft. While the other one, the square size have 4ft, 5ft and 6th ft in the middle. So be careful.



Top view


And then that’s we enjoy the night. We finished for around 1am.


And the following day, we get the chance to see the view of the beach.


And by 11pm, me and my other cousins decided to go home early because Cavite is far and you know “traffic”. If you want to go to the said resort, here’s their contact info.

CALL : 0920 706 0106

WEBSITE : http://www.ranrichresort.com/

EMAIL: reservations@ranrichresort.com

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/RanrichBeachResort/





Photo Op! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you !

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